You may be thinking? iPhone 5? But didn't the iPhone 4 just come out?
 This is Apple. They will release a new version of their product every year if they                    think it will sell.
 So what kind of features can we expect in a theoretical iPhone 5?
 Here are a few things that I would like to see:

Improved Antenna
Anyone who remembers the launch of the iPhone 4 will remember th antenna issue and that is one of the first things that Apple should try to fix.
1080p HDMI Output
I know Apple likes to use its own connections (which just makes things difficult for the consumer) but they need to step up and allow the iPhone 5 to output in full HD mode. It is essential for a high end multimedia device.
Improved Battery Life
This is something that can be expected but more is always better. The iPhone is made to use all the time for everything so a new battery needs to hold up to a lot of heavy use.
4G Network
The AT&T 3G network is getting pretty bogged down these days, especially in larger cities. The iPhone 5 will be sure to take advantage of the new 4G network AT&T is working on.
Flash Support
Just me dreaming. Apple isn't getting friendly with Adobe anytime soon.
These are just a few things that I would like to see in a new Apple iPhone 5. What would you like to see? 
Do you think the iPhone can beat Android? The newest third quarter numbers from Comscore show that Google's Android is the fastest growing mobile OS in the U.S. Adroid currently owns 23.5% with Apple barely ahead at 24%. Will the added Verizon carrier for iPhone 5 be enough to save Apple?
Rumors are flying around that Google might be launching an update that allows Android phones the ability to act as debit or credit cards. Apple will have to keep up with Google's innovative ideas if it hopes to remain leader in the mobile world.

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